Bere Blissenbach

A few years ago, Bere was a high-paid attorney working on multi-billion and million-dollar cases, qualified for judicial office, about to complete her Ph.D. from the world's oldest university institute in international law...

​... and utterly miserable because she felt divorced from her passion and purpose. She also found herself reconsidering her entire life in the wake of a spiritual awakening a few years prior.

As a self-declared global citizen with a German passport, Bere had lived in half a dozen countries when she fell in love with an American man she met in Berlin. After a long internal struggle, she found the courage to move to the US for the love of her life and leave her previous career to build her own business.

Today, Bere helps people from around the world create work and a life they love through a deeper connection with their passion, purpose, and power. She also helps the CEOs of small companies build thriving businesses they love by increasing their internal satisfaction and improving their external results.

As a facilitator, Bere has been involved in different leadership development programs for businesses and non-profits. She has taught in university contexts and is currently co-leading the legal team of Volt Europa (a pan-European movement planning to run in the 2019 European Parliamentary elections).

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