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How to (not) Create a Productivity-Friendly Environment

Or: my coffee shop is going through an existential crisis. When you’re stuck on something creatively, you can’t solve a problem, you go to a coffee shop. Eric Weiner In life, it’s important to be able to admit mistakes. (Your own or others…) Here’s my latest: So, I had this “great” plan of going to a […]

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Here’s Why You Need Conditional and Unconditional Love

There are two fundamentally different expressions of love – conditional and unconditional love. A few years ago, I experienced a rather unpleasant moment that led to a huge insight about all this. Here’s what…

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Can the Power of Meaning Solve Every Problem?

A while ago, I had a revelation about the power of meaning:
At some point last year, I found myself in a bad spot. I was wondering if a decision I had made basically amounted to the biggest mistake of my life.

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