July 19

Meet Your Prime Minister, the “Instagram Influencer” 😧

I don’t think I’m being intolerant when I say that some things in life are just plain wrong. 

Socks in flip flops. 

Pineapple on pizza (okay, perhaps that one isn’t so bad). 

Calling a building that’s younger than your own grandmother “historic” (I’m looking at you, America!).

And describing democratically elected government officials as “Instagram influencers.”

Especially that last one! 

You see, what happened is that I checked out a certain website for an Instagram tool. (Yes, I am the author of the post “Instagram Is the Devil’s Spawn.” No, don’t ask me what I was doing on that website, I can assure you that it was for a good, altruistic cause.) 

And, no, I’m not going to link to this website here. One needs to stand firm when it comes to one’s principles. (#resist)

And there I saw it, the offending picture!

A picture of @Justinpjtrudeau, displaying a dark-haired man (who suspiciously looked like a certain head of government) in front of a Canadian flag, with the caption “INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER.”

And I lost it! (After double-checking that this was the @realJustinTrudeau and not just his doppelgänger from an alternate reality that I had accidentally tapped into, that is. Nope, no such luck there. A company had really just described a sitting [!], democratically elected [!!] prime minister [!!!] as an “Instagram Influencer” [!!!!]. #speechless) 

What has the world come to? 

Out of all the accomplishments politicians may or may not have, surely their Social Media skills should be featured further down the list, shouldn’t they? (Perhaps somewhere below their cooking and above their laundry skills because priorities. #KeepingItReal)

Calling a politician an “Instagram Influencer” is a bit like introducing a Nobel Peace Prize winner (who once appeared in a TV show in their youth) as a “Reality TV Star.”

You just don’t do that to people! 

Can we please, please, please agree that there is a difference between a democratically elected government official… and a Kardashian? 


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